Make Your Home Smart

WIFI Routers

Our lineup of smart WIFI routers and range boosters will make sure that your entire home has service and no room is devoid of WIFI. We sell these routers along with providing installation services for them.

WIFI Controls

WIFI controls for automating your day-to-day needs or controlling your devices via remote or smartphone app, so you can relax and enjoy your devices without having to adjust them to the right settings.

Light Interrupters

This is a device that you need to have to make the best of your security system. These light interrupters will turn on the lights as soon as they detect any motion in a room and off when there is no motion in the room.

Smart Lights

These lights have motion detection WIFI controls, and smartphone controls. They can change colors and respond to musical rhythms. With creative RGB patterns, these lights are ideal for gaming rooms.

Smart Thermostat

Let the internet adjust your thermostat according to your weather and your own personal comfort. This product will keep the temperature absolutely right, just the way you and your family like it in the house.

Smart Motion Detector

A great option for security. Our smart motion detectors can detect even the slightest motion in your house and alert you with an alarm or a smartphone notification, so you can feel safe and secure.